Accountants Working Together

Accountants Working Together

Accountants Working Together Listen to our exciting conversation with Allen Sloan who is the founder and managing partner of The Sloan Group. Allen started his practice in the basement of his family home with only a handful of clients and has grown it into a multi-partner office with about 30,000 square feet of office space. […]

Start CPA Practice

Stumbling blocks to starting your own CPA Practice

Stumbling Block to Starting your Own CPA Practice Potential problems to starting a CPA practice include an insufficient client base and partner mismatch.   This article first appeared in The CPA Insider™.   As with any new business, a CPA practice requires time, money, energy, and creativity. By planning in advance, you can better anticipate […]

Best Clients

You are only as good as your best clients

You Are Only as Good as Your Best Clients   One of my best clients told me that! What is it about people who build successful businesses? Do you have clients like this? Do you understand them because if you do, they can be a heck of a lot of fun to work with. These […]

Poe Group Advisors

Post-Merger Integration

  If you are acquiring an accounting practice, expediting the integration of staff is important. The sooner you can tap into the talent of the people from the target firm, the sooner your bottom line increases. That sounds really simple and obvious doesn’t it?  The key is in the execution.   Here are 3 crucial […]