Level-up your accounting practice in 2020

Accounting Practice Academy by Brannon Poe


Announcing Accounting Practice Academy™ led by Brannon Poe.

Apply now at the special first-priority rate.

Are you looking for a clear action plan to level-up your accounting practice in this new decade? If so, check out Accounting Practice Academy™. It’s an online workshop on accounting practice management that we’re offering, which starts after tax season. It’s designed to help owners “make the big shifts.”
Take action on your 2020 practice goals by applying now to get first priority registration at the special introductory rate.


Great accounting practices are easy to own and easy to sell:

Accounting Practice Academy™ was born from a unique perspective. As M&A specialists in the accounting space, we’ve been privy to the financials of over a thousand CPA firms over the past 16 years. Not only that, but we’ve also had unfettered access to the owners of these firms. We’ve gathered in-depth knowledge of these practices along the way. As a result, we know what makes CPA firms valuable, the journeys that the owners have taken to get them that way, and perhaps most importantly we’ve learned how to manage change….(one step, one simple action at a time).

Poe Group Advisors has sold hundreds of CPA firms throughout North America. We’ve seen a huge variety of profitability and annual work-hours amongst owners. We’ve isolated the major factors that have created successful results (and not so successful results) in CPA firms. This virtual workshop shares that knowledge and breaks it into bite-sized pieces to help firm owners build the practices they want.


About the workshop:

This is an online, 8-module course about the fundamental concepts and the community that will help you achieve three primary goals in your accounting practice:
1. Improve profitability.
2. Reduce owner hours.
3. Improve the value of your practice.


Accounting Practice Academy™ is designed to help you create lasting change in your practice.

The ideas are simple, but we realize change is never easy. We’re looking for applicants who are serious about making it happen and doing the work required to transform their firms…and help their fellow classmates do the same. We’re only offering Accounting Practice Academy twice in 2020! Learn more by going to accountingpracticeacademy.com.

Note: First priority registration will be open only through January 31, 2020 for a special introductory rate. Price will increase when registration reopens after tax season. Seats will not be held and the Academy anticipates this course will sell out based on demand.


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