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Find the best options for cloud-based CPA & accounting firm for you with Poe Group Advisors. Selecting the right accounting practice to purchase plays a large role in the success of your new virtual business endeavor. Poe Group Advisors excels in finding our qualified buyers the best cloud-based CPA firm sales opportunity for them. As the premier accounting practice intermediary firm in the industry, our skilled and dedicated professionals help you make a profitable virtual accounting practice acquisition. Contact Poe Group Advisors to learn more about current cloud-based CPA & accounting firm acquisition opportunities.

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Previously Sold Listings

Listing # Location Asking Price Status
ON2103 Cloud Firm (HQ in Ontario) $5,750,000 SOLD
ON2078 Cloud Firm (HQ in Ontario) $4,125,831 SOLD
FC2001 Cloud Firm (HQ in United States) $2,600,000 SOLD
TX2005 Cloud Firm (HQ in Texas) $1,950,000 SOLD
DC2007 Cloud Firm (HQ in Washington DC) $1,950,000 SOLD
FC2008 Cloud Firm $1,800,000 SOLD
TN2001 Cloud Firm (HQ in Tennessee) $1,750,000 SOLD
NY2007 Cloud Firm (HQ in New York) $1,400,000 SOLD
ON2105 Cloud Firm (HQ in Ontario) $1,350,000 SOLD
ON2054 Cloud Firm (HQ in Ontario) $1,250,000 SOLD
GA3001 Cloud Firm (HQ in Georgia) $1,150,000 SOLD
FC2007 Cloud Firm $1,099,000 SOLD
WY2001 Cloud Firm (HQ in Wyoming) $1,025,000 SOLD
FC2017 Cloud Firm $975,000 SOLD
FC2004 Cloud Firm $900,000 SOLD