Looking to start the next chapter of your life? Our experts answer your most frequently asked questions to help make your transition as seamless and simple as possible.

  • How do you manage my confidentiality?

    We understand this concern very well and our process includes many steps to protect your confidentiality. Every potential buyer signs a confidentiality agreement and no introductions are made until you are ready to meet with the buyer.

  • What is my practice worth?

    The industry rule-of-thumb is one times annual gross revenue. There is a lot of variation in actual transactions. Here are a few resources that will help you get a better idea of the value of your practice:

    Practice Value Report
    CPA Practice Valuation – The Key Factors
    Accounting Practice Valuation Scorecard
    Receive a Personalized Estimate

  • What sort of payment terms should I expect when I sell my practice?

    Our philosophy is that client retention is primarily a function of client service that is provided by the buyer after the sale. The vast majority of our practices sell for a fixed price and many sell for 100% cash at closing. We have several columns devoted to this subject. Here are a few to learn more:

    Reasons to Avoid an Earnout When Selling Your Accounting Practice
    Terms and Conditions of Selling Your CPA Firm
    Selling a CPA Practice? Cash is King

  • I’m not quite ready, what about succession planning?

    Getting the timing right is very important. We have some great resources to help you think about succession planning:

    Schedule an Exit Strategy Call
    AICPA podcast about selling (lasts about 20 minutes)
    Timing Your Exit
    Succession Planning Guide
    Accountant’s Flight Plan

  • Why use Poe Group Advisors?

    We have three main goals for every practice we sell:

    1) Maximize the value of your practice.
    2) Make the process as simple as possible.
    3) Help the buyer succeed.

    Poe Group Advisors is the premier accounting practice intermediary firm in the industry. Our company is known for our simple process as well as our efficient and diligent approach to facilitating the buying and selling of CPA firms.

    We have an extensive buyer network and advertise in every way possible. Our digital marketing package employs state-of-the-art tools that get results! Not only do we bring you buyers, but our consultative process helps you select candidates who are most likely to succeed in your practice. Our team of experts has a deep knowledge of the accounting industry. We will help you along the way – all the way – including planning for a highly successful transition. Ready to get started? Register here.

  • Why not just sell on my own?

    Why do your clients hire you to do work that they might be able to do?  Generally speaking, when you “dabble” in something, you don’t do it very well.  There are numerous pitfalls to selling on your own.  In contrast, having your firm professionally marketed – while you focus on your practice – is both easier and more profitable.  Our process simplifies the sale and brings the most money to the closing table.  To learn more, please check out the video of our unique process, The Seamless Succession™.

  • When is your fee paid?

    Our fee is paid at closing. There is no fee unless your firm sells for price and terms you are comfortable accepting.

  • How long will I be required to stay for a transition?

    We recommend a relatively short transition. You cannot handoff a relationship. The buyer will need to develop their own relationships with clients and employees. To learn more, read – 5 Important Concepts for Successful Accounting Practice Transitions.