APA Business Checkup Tool

Free Business Checkup Tool

Your business clients need two things right now:  Context  Focused Action There is a ton of information to process, and a lot to do to mitigate the risks and take advantage of the opportunities before us. Personally, I knew I needed to get the essential information on paper to take focused action. We created a […]

Team work during tax season

The Tax Season Benefits of Time Compression

  Isn’t it amazing how much can be done this time of year. How can we be this efficient all year long? Just today, we needed a video transcribed. We asked Google if there was an app for that and sure enough, we discovered Vocalmatic. We popped our video in and about 20 minutes later […]

Poe Group Advisors Team Strategy

Tax Season Strategy-Post Game Analysis

Every great coach and player in any professional sport goes back the week after the game to watch the film in order to do a Post-Game Analysis. Well, Tax Season is here, and it’s game time for you! You probably don’t have a video crew taping every move you make around the office to capture […]

Ed Mendlowitz Podcast with Brannon Poe

Podcast with Ed Mendlowitz – Streamlining Tactics for Tax Season

  This podcast is definitely worth your time especially now as tax season is ramping up! Ed gives some great advice for streamlining and saving time during tax season. We are honored to present our most recent podcast with guest Ed Mendlowitz. Ed brings so much experience and understanding for accountants, we know you will […]