Selling Cloud-Based Accounting Firms – Our Experience

In the past year and a few months, we have marketed 3 “pure” cloud-based accounting firms and a few others that might be considered hybrids. Our sample size at this point is not statistically significant, but based on our observations we think are well worth sharing. We like the modern model, think the market is […]

Buying CPA Practice

Business Planning 101 When Buying a CPA Practice

My kids always make fun of me for saying things like, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” Well, this applies when buying a CPA practice, as it relates to writing your business plan for bank financing. We have found that one of the biggest mistakes CPA buyers make when creating […]

Referral Selling – with Joanne Black (Podcast)

Brannon recently sat down with Joanne Black, America’s leading authority on referral selling. A captivating speaker and innovative seminar leader, Joanne is changing the definition of rainmaker. Referral selling generates revenue faster than any other business development method, while decreasing costs, eliminating the competition, and gaining new clients more than 50% of the time. Joanne […]

Transitioning an Accounting Practice – The Ripples

Last fall, our youngest son Spencer started his freshman year of college and the nest was empty. With my schedule changing I decided to get more involved in my local business community. Since I have always enjoyed being around other business owners, in late 2017, I signed on to be one of the founding members […]