Anna Liotta

Generational Differences with Anna Liotta (podcast)

This week, Brannon sat down with Anna Liotta for a podcast you DO NOT want to miss! This isn’t your typical accounting podcast, as they discuss generational differences in the workplace and the importance of understanding them to run a successful company. No wonder Fortune 500 companies keep bringing Anna back to talk about generational […]

Accounting Firm Value Multiple

Why Accounting Firms are Valued on a Multiple of Revenue

Why are accounting firm values based on a multiple of annual revenue instead of a multiple of annual cash flow to owner? “Accounting practices are worth x times gross revenue.” This is a belief that permeates the accounting profession as strongly as anything we have seen. This has been true for a very long time, […]

Scale Accounting Practice

Want to scale your accounting practice? Why?

Adding a healthy dose of intentionality to growth plans helps make scaling your accounting practice both more manageable and more profitable. It also helps to build a practice that you will enjoy owning and will likely help make it more salable. First of all, when we talk about scaling, we’re talking about rapid growth through […]

Cloud Based Accounting

Cloud-Based Accounting Firms vs. Traditional

What is the difference between a traditional accounting firm and a cloud-based accounting firm? When you boil it all down, the only real difference involves location. In a cloud-firm, the software, data, staff and clients can all be located “somewhere else.” That sounds simple, bu the impact is big and getting bigger over time. Salability […]