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Did you know that currently in the U.S., only about 10% of firms are cloud-based; whereas in Australia and New Zealand the rate is around 50%? Also, did you know that cloud firms typically sell for much higher multiples than traditional firms? Why is that?

Listen in on Brannon’s conversation with Ben Richmond, who is the Vice President of Business Growth for the accounting software company Xero to learn more.

With 2 million subscribers worldwide, Xero has great insights to what is keeping accounting up to date and what accountants need. Ben is passionate about helping accountants within the profession and has some great coaching advice. You will also learn how adding advisory services can actually be easy for an accountant.



Some important parts to highlight:

2:00 – about Ben

5:23 – Xero’s background and expansion to the U.S.

10:00 – Compliance & advisory

13:00 – What makes Xero different?

15:14 – Hear from a CPA that made the switch to Xero (Tate Henshaw podcast)

15:45 – How can firms evolve into more complex advisory services?

20:04 – What are some ways Xero can help in the Buy/Sell process for accountants?

27:00 – Big decisions accountants are facing today

30:28 – How should accountants prepare for the technology change?

35:46 – Ben’s book recommendations

38:00 – Contact Ben via email:


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About Ben Richmond: Ben started his career in a large regional accounting practice before working for New Zealand’s largest telecommunications company where he focused on SEC compliance and investor reporting. He joined Xero in New Zealand in 2013 where he led the country’s national growth and spearheaded Xero’s global agriculture strategy. Ben was instrumental in launching Xero’s Farming in the Cloud solution, a catalyst for an industry to come together around how technology can transform productivity in farming. In 2017, Ben moved to Denver to become a part of the Xero Americas leadership team. Ben served as the Vice President of Business Growth and was recently appointed Country Manager of the United States where he oversees a team leading Xero’s growth channels across the country.


About Brannon Poe:  Brannon is the founder of Poe Group Advisors and has been facilitating successful accounting practice transitions throughout the US and Canada since 2003, and the creator of Accounting Practice Academy. He is also the author of Accounting Practice Insights Blog and hosts the Accountant’s Flight Plan” podcast with other top thought-leaders in the accounting profession. Brannon is an E&Y alumnus. He has worked with some of the most successful and seasoned CPAs in the industry and has been privy to the behind-the-scenes methods that these clients have used to build highly profitable practices along with capable and independent teams. Brannon has authored multiple books, including “Accountant’s Flight Plan – Best Practices for Today’s Firms” (published by both the AICPA and CPA Canada) and “On Your Own: How to Start Your Own CPA Firm,” Second Edition (published by the AICPA). Brannon is passionate about entrepreneurship and is the president-elect of EO Charleston (Entrepreneur’s Organization)

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