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Our many years of experience and solid knowledge base have resulted in hundreds of successful transitions. Learn how our time-tested and effective five-step process, the Seamless Succession™, can facilitate the sale and transfer of your accounting practice.

The Seamless Succession™

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Want to maximize the value of your accounting practice and keep the sale as simple as possible? Below are the 5-steps of our unique process, the Seamless Succession™. You can also watch our video to learn more about our process and get answers to some of the most common questions that arise when selling a CPA practice.

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Our goals for every practice we sell are to maximize the value, keep it simple and help the buyer succeed.
We help you navigate a rewarding transition with 5-steps of our unique process, the Seamless Succession™.
1. Exploring
We start with the big picture — understanding your unique goals and the key elements of your practice. We determine your desired timing for a sale, the strengths of your business and your vision for a successful transfer.
2. Pricing
We help set an appropriate asking price based on six critical, market-based factors. Proper pricing and payment terms maximize value for you and the buyer.
3. Marketing… Multiplied™
Years of marketing to accounting professionals combined with our time-tested system of identifying suitable candidates produce unmatched results. We introduce financially and professionally qualified buyers capable of purchasing your business, allowing you to focus on maintaining your practice and its value.
4. Negotiation
The Structured Negotiation™ creates maximum price with minimal effort from you. Offers flow through us, creating a well-paced and deliberate negotiation amongst multiple qualified buyers. Our select network of specialized banking professionals offers buyers attractive loan options to maximize leverage and cash received at closing.
5. Transition
Once there’s an agreement, we lead and coordinate the transaction, assuring a smooth transfer of clients and staff, as well as clarity for both buyer and seller about their roles and responsibilities after closing. This effectively positions the buyer to excel at leading the practice and frees the seller to focus on retirement or other opportunities.