Our Culture

Our core values underpin everything we do.
They set the standard for how we operate and how we work with our clients.

Our Core Values

Helping the buyer and seller succeed is always our goal. We want our clients to know that the material we create and the profiles we build will be truthful and confidential.
Collaborative and Candid
Being candid, open and transparent is important. The sooner concerns are in the forefront, the easier and more quickly we can address them. This helps build good relationships between buyers and sellers.
We want to help our clients achieve their goals. We have the highest closing ratio in the industry and we will use our time-tested process and marketing prowess to find sellers the best-fit buyer for the right price and terms.
Friendly and Balanced
We are respectful and positive. Our team values your time and ours. We take our work seriously but like to have fun as well. Enjoying life allows us all to enjoy and be our best at work.
Generous to the Accounting Community
Our big audacious goal is to help transform the accounting community for the better. We are continually running our workshop, creating white papers, blogs, and podcasts relevant for accountants who are buying, selling, or growing their firms. Check out our resource library, it grows weekly.


We are proud to say our business is powered by the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS). This innovative operating structure ensures our organization is united around a singular vision and has ample traction toward the future with robust and healthy leadership.