What do you know that your clients don’t?

What do you know that your clients don’t? Probably a lot more than you think. If you have been in public practice for a while, the amount of information that you walk around with that you just take for granted is immense. Have doubts about that? Recall the last time you trained a new person […]

Selling an Accounting Practice Checklist

Selling an Accounting Practice Checklist: How to Get Started Make sure that you are setting your practice up for an easy sale when the time comes. Strategically planning the areas of your practice to improve upon will make the greatest impact once your practice is on the market. Understanding Your Timing, Goals and Objectives What’s […]

Buying a CPA Practice? Balancing patience & decisiveness

Why Millennial CPA’s Should Consider Firm Ownership

Why Millennial CPAs Should Consider Firm Ownership This article first appeared in The Journal of Accountancy’s CPA Insider™ By Brannon Poe, CPA According to the editor-in-chief of MiLLENNiAL magazine, 60% of Millennials see themselves as entrepreneurs, while 90% say they have an entrepreneurial mindset. One way Millennial CPAs can put this mindset to work is […]

Tax season and the 80/20 principle

    It’s always good to do a post-hoc analysis soon after tax season.  Hallelujah!  You are almost there. Most everyone has heard of the 80/20 principal, but fewer have heard it as the Pareto principle.  In most any business, the application of the 80/20 principal is extremely powerful and simple.  This definitely applies to […]