How We Made This…….The Making of our Practice Management Workshop…….When the World Shut Down 

How We Made This...The Making of our Practice Management Workshop… When the World Shut Down 

We decided to change up the podcast a little bit and turn the focus inward to give you guys a glimpse into how Accounting Practice Academy came to be.  

In this episode of the podcast, we have Ian Brennan (APA’s Creative Director), and my wife Carol Poe (PGA Buyer Specialist/APA’s right-hand woman) who played a pivotal role in the creation and execution of the workshop. This workshop wouldn’t exist without them and there’s some fun stories as to why that’s the case.  

The main reason it wouldn’t exist without them, they filmed and produced the workshop! The pandemic left us without a studio or film crew and so, we created our own little film studio in the office. There was a lot of determination, and good humor that went into developing this workshop that we are so proud of. In the end, doing this project with a less than traditional film style gave us the opportunity to revise, condense and perfect our virtual course. 


Enjoy watching our podcast here

Or listen to the podcast here:

Notable moments: 

1:14: Welcoming Carol and Ian on the podcast 

2:58: How the pandemic changed filming 

5:00: Filming the first several modules and deciding they weren’t good enough 

8:40: Re-writing the module videos 

9:00: Building the course while people were already in the workshop

11:50: Perfecting the workshop to add the most value from start to finish 

13:30: The big moves members made last session

15:20: Ian’s passion for the project 


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