How a Podcast can grow your accounting firm with David Spray (Podcast)

David and I have been friends for years, and when we last spoke I could see him light up as he talked about this new venture he’d been thinking about in the podcasting world. I could tell he was excited and it shows. His new and now-running venture is Your Podcast.Team.

“[Podcasting] It’s the rarest  form of online content.” 

David noticed there were some barriers to entry in the podcasting scene, the technology aspect, the worries about hosting capabilities, “what will I talk about?” etc. but because he saw so much value in the art form he wanted to make a streamlined avenue for anyone to build out there own podcast and that’s where YourPodcast.Team came from. 

Just within the past 2 years he’s met with some incredible guests and brought some spectacular insights to the world of podcasting, specifically in the CPA industry. He’s a great guest, an even better host, and absolutely someone worth following. 

You can go check out the video recording of the podcast here, or click the player below to take a listen!

Time Stamps: 

  • 2:30 What is an IC-DISC? 
  • 4:26 What prompted you to start podcasting? 
  • 6:05 What podcasts of your’s do you think our audience of CPAs would find most interesting? 


David’s Socials: LinkedIn, 832-654-9889,

(check out his two powerhouse podcasts – The IC-DISC Show and Podcasting Stories