Why You Need to Leave Billable Hours Behind with Geraldine Carter | Accountant’s Flight Plan Podcast  

 Why You Need to Leave Billable Hours Behind with Geraldine Carter | Accountant’s Flight Plan Podcas

“Usually, the CPA is so busy with their head down just trying to fulfill orders, that they don’t hear the client going, ‘help help help me make my business more profitable.” – Geraldine Carter 


Geraldine works one-on-one with CPAs and primarily focuses on rediscovering what it is her client hopes for at a deep level …and then creating a plan to support that. Coaching sounds simple on the surface.  Execution is the key.  We see the same challenges with APA. (Accounting Practice Academy


But, at a core level, the action items and work can be oddly simple. Although, that doesn’t always mean they’re easy to execute. That’s where someone who can keep you accountable and high-level oriented, rather than down in the weeds makes a huge difference as you are walking the path of transformation. 


In her coaching, Geraldine focuses on the kind of pricing model you use in your firm, what your client list looks like, and what changes could be made based on your goals; and from there onto how to revitalize your firm with some simple changes to your service packaging and advisory. 


It was awesome getting to chat with her in this episode and share some commonalities in our coaching experience. In this episode we both leaned into a common truth – that there’s so much possibility on the table for firm owners – especially in the forecasting and advisory role. 


Let us know if you think the same way! 

You can watch the podcast here. 

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Time Stamps: 

2:30 – How did you become a coach for accounting firm owners?  Geraldine’s Background

6:00 – Do you see time as CPAs biggest objection? 

8:45 – How do you work with CPAs 1-on1? What’s the relationship work? 

17: 35 – What’s working for your clients to become better advisors? 

22:50 – Advisory often seems intimidating but it doesn’t have to be can you speak to how you break down advisory?

29:45 – Where do you see people getting the most stuck in the process of transforming their firm? 

34:00 – In terms of the industry, what do you think is not being talked about that might need to be talked about? 

38:20 – What’s advice you would give someone starting from scratch? 

41:00 – Download Geraldine’s 2 pg. Pricing Guide 


Book recommendation: 

Allen Weiss – Value-Based Fees

Rafi Mohammed – The Art of Pricing 

David C. Baker – The Business of Expertise



Geraldine’s Podcast



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