Generational Differences with Anna Liotta (podcast)

Anna Liotta

This week, Brannon sat down with Anna Liotta for a podcast you DO NOT want to miss! This isn’t your typical accounting podcast, as they discuss generational differences in the workplace and the importance of understanding them to run a successful company. No wonder Fortune 500 companies keep bringing Anna back to talk about generational codes and the large impact they make on a business’ success!

An expert in her field, Anna has a wealth of knowledge that you’ll want to glean from, covering all of the aspects of generational differences. You can learn how to:

  • Pinpoint how much generational differences are costing your business.
  • Attract Millennial talent, even if you’re not in a “sexy” industry.
  • Close more sales with Gen X Buyers (and Millennials…and Boomers too).
  • Stop losing your best talent to your competitors (just after you got them trained).

Anna Liotta, MA, CSP, is an award-winning keynote speaker and best-selling author with a deep understanding from 20 years of research on how generational demographics and dynamics affect every aspect of business success.

Anna Liotta Unlocking Generational Codes

Early in her career, Anna identified a common theme: a fundamental lack of understanding between different generations within an organization hinders trust, alignment, and bottom-line outcomes. This led to her life’s work of helping people develop practical strategies for optimal communication across generations.

Anna’s most impressive generational credential, however, is that she is the youngest girl of nineteen children. This means that every Thanksgiving, graduation, or wedding is a fascinating case study in multi-generational communication.

We found her insights to be spot on!



Some important parts to highlight:


1:15 – Anna’s background ~ “Your greatest fear is what I do for a living”

3:15 – How formative experiences form the generational codes

5:45 – Breakdown and overview of the main generational categories: (1927=Traditionals; 1946-1964=Baby Boomers; 1965-1977=Generation X; 1978-1999=Millennials; 2000-2016=Generation Z/Globals)

8:30 – Operating from our generational codes

12:00 – What do Millennials remember most when they travel?

17:35 – Why don’t Gen-Xers share?

23:00 – Difference between work-life balance beliefs across the generations

29:50 – Give and take dialogue for success

33:20 – What are the 4 major stages of life and do the codes change?

38:40 – What steps to keep in mind when selling a business to a Millennial

54:50 – Anna’s book recommendation, Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

55:58 – One piece of advice

57:14 – Contact Anna via LinkedIn or visit for more information.



About Anna Liotta: Anna Liotta, MA, CSP, is the CEO and Founder of The Generational Institute™, an award-winning keynote speaker and best-selling author of Unlocking Generational CODES©. Anna holds a Master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication. She currently serves as the President of the National Speakers Association.

Her deep understanding of generational dynamics is grounded in 20 years of research, keynoting and consulting clients including Amazon, Bloomberg, Coca Cola, Microsoft and the NBA.


About Brannon Poe:  Brannon is the founder of Poe Group Advisors and has been facilitating successful accounting practice transitions throughout the US and Canada since 2003. Brannon started his career in public accounting as an auditor with Ernst & Young before working for several years in auditing and tax preparation for the regional firm of Elliott, Davis & Company. He is the author of “Accountant’s Flight Plan: Best Practices for Today’s Firms” (published by the AICPA and CPA Canada), “On Your Own: How to Start Your Own CPA Firm,” as well as multiple blogs and the “Accountant’s Flight Plan” podcast. Brannon is a board member and President-Elect of the organization EO Charleston.

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