Data Reports that Accounting Firm Clients Want – Podcast with Justin Hatch

Data Reports that Accounting Firm Clients Want - Podcast with Justin Hatch

Communicating with clients like they are another accountant doesn’t cut it.

Justin Hatch shares with our listeners that what clients want from their accountants is simplified language and visual reporting first, and then a dive into the details. Accountants have to give their clients a high-level perspective written in layman’s terms when it comes to data.

Justin has built a product that helps accountants give their clients reports that are clear, succinct and easily absorbed. Justin originally got his start in the oil and gas industry and decided it was time to be entrepreneurial and start his own business solving a problem he saw in the accounting market: data report creation.

Hatch is the co-founder and CEO of Reach Reporting; the leading visual reporting software on the market. Justin Hatch is an industry expert in business management, specializing in software development and financial reporting. Hatch co-founded Reach Reporting in 2015 and launched in March of 2020. Reach has since experienced a growth rate of over 30 percent per month. Reach Reporting awarded the 2020 Best Value and Ease of Use award from Capterra, provides a software that simplifies the complexity of financial data. Justin is passionate about educating advisors through software that will save them countless hours and offer their clients superior service.

To hear more about what Justin Hatch has to say about improving your firm through simplified data reports, take a listen to the full podcast.

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Notable Moments:

2:00 – 30% Growth Rate

6:10 – Justin’s Background

11:20 – Vocabulary as a Hindrance; How to communicate with your clients

16:30 – Simple Reporting is the best Reporting

17:50 – How were you able to grow at 30% – Start with High Level, Simple Information.

23:30 – How did you come to that discovery of how clients digest information?

27:00 – This year people are changing their mindset about a lot of things – What’s your take on the impact of 2020?

32:00 – What else do Clients want form their Accountants?

42:00 – What’s your take on automation in the accounting industry?

44:00 – Stop Billing Hourly – Stop repeating the same routine tasks.

48:00 – Book Recommendations – “Mindset” by Carol Dweck – “Nail it and Scale it” by Nathan Furr

50:00 – What’s one bit of advice/life lesson you’d give to the CPAs out there?


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