From Traditional to Cloud: How to Transition Your Accounting Firm with Barbara Agerton

If you’re looking for practical tools and implementations for converting to the cloud from a traditional firm give this podcast a listen. 

Barbara and I dive into what her transition was like, what obstacles she overcame, what tools made the most significant difference, and how it affects the salability of your firm. She’s an excellent source for anything cloud related because she’s walked this path with intention. 

Barabra Agerton sold her rural/cloud firm through us not long ago and in her words, “There is no way I could have sold this firm if we weren’t cloud-based.” Thankfully she had made the transition back in the early 2010s and that made for a smooth transition. 

We cover a handful of topics: 

  • Managing Transition Resistance from Team & Clients
  • Roadblocks in the move to the cloud 
  • How to prioritize clients during the transition
  • Optimal tools to become fully cloud 

Barbara was an absolute delight to have on the show and her simple, practical and straightforward approach to making the transition sheds some much-needed light on the hazy “move to the cloud” mindset. 

You can listen on the player below or click this link to watch.

Hope you enjoy!


1:00 – Barbara’s Background

2:30 – What was your firm like prior to transitioning? 

3:40 – What was the trigger to make the transition to the cloud? 

5:45 – What was it like having partial in-house and partial remote? How long did it take to adjust? 

9:15 – What was client communication like in the transition? 

12:35 – Software for the cloud? 

13:20 – Moving the clients one at a time – Resistance from Client? Loss of Clients? 

16:30 – Pain points of making the conversion?

18:00 – How to prioritize clients when making the transition?

18:40 –  Internal Resistance to the change? 

20:15 – Do you think cloud firms have a big advantage over traditional firms? 

22:45 – Words of Wisdom – What would you say to someone who is thinking about transitioning to the cloud? 

24:30 – Selling your Cloud firm – Overall experience? 

27:00 – Book recommendation – The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey 

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