Value Pricing for accountants

The Value of an Hour?

The Value of an Hour Below is a guest post from Ron Baker, founder of VeraSage.   Value pricing is one of the key concepts for running a successful practice included in Accountant’s Flight Plan.   In my opinion, Ron is The thought-leader on value pricing in the accounting industry.  (see his short bio below.) […]

Buying an accounting firm gives you freedom

Freedom – Why People Start or Buy Businesses

Freedom – Why People Start or Buy Businesses With Independence Day passing, the theme of freedom is top-of-mind. Ultimately, most people who are buying a business for themselves do it for the freedom. That was certainly true for me. I thoroughly enjoy the freedom I’ve earned by being in business for myself. Every once in […]

Buying an accounting practice takes leadership.

Having a Buyer Versus Having the Buyer

Having a Buyer vs. Having the Buyer There is a big difference in having a buyer and having the buyer.  Almost anyone can come up with a buyer or two…or even three. What you must keep in mind is that every single buyer will value an accounting practice differently.  Ultimately, the value of any business […]