Gina Pellegrini

Avoid Hiring Pitfalls with Gina Pellegrini (Podcast)

Hiring is absolutely one of the biggest pain points in the CPA industry. CPAs tell us this on a daily basis. It’a big challenge because the industry is changing, employees coming into the industry are changing, and there are tons of other external factors. So… the first and most important thing we can do in […]

The Unplugged Vacation

Create boundaries around your time off

Create boundaries around your time off.  Download your free copy.  As I started writing today’s blog post, I was searching for some inspiration and stumbled upon a list of 30 quotes about vacation. A few favorites that stood out to me were: “Take vacations, go as many places as you can. You can always make […]

Building a Cloud-Based Accounting Firm with Ryan Lazanis(Podcast)

Recently, Brannon had an exciting conversation with Ryan Lazanis. Ryan is a CPA who considers himself more of an entrepreneur than an accountant.  In 2013 he founded a fully cloud-based accounting firm which was acquired five years later with the help of the Poe Group team. Now Ryan is focusing on his passion to help modernize […]