Cut owner hours through tools and delegation- Brad Stevens ( Podcast)

If you want to get out of the bottleneck position in your firm, you have to delegate. The first step toward delegating is Auditing Your Time. 

Brad’s advice, “Audit yourself…for a week or so just audit. Every time you sneeze document it. And estimate how many hours per month you’re spending on [any given] task.” 

Tasks that seem like they take just a 10 minute chunk of time here or there might look like 4 or 5 hours per month. Without the audit, you can’t stay on top of those things…and regardless of whether you lean toward outsourcing those tasks, just that perspective is critical to growing and pruning your owner hours. 

Brad was a delight to chat with and an exceptional guest on this episode of the Accountant’s Flight Plan Podcast. Some of the tools he shared in this episode have already streamlined our internal systems [screencast-o-matic] and sales processes [Calendly]. (Thanks Brad!) 

He and I met through Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and in EO Charleston, we utilize a virtual assistant to help with administrative work. Truth is, I’m blown away at how simple it is to hand off tasks and projects to them with complete trust. In my experience, VA’s have never been this intuitive, well-trained or productive.

If you’re looking to get some things off your plate, Brad’s an excellent resource and this episode might get that ball rolling. 

Watch the podcast here on Vimeo, or take a listen below.


5:30 – Brad’s Background – How did you get into Outsourcing? 

10:00  – Starting to Leverage the Gig Economy

13:00 – What are some ways for people to get started in outsourcing and automation? 

21:00 –  What are some of the resources, tools, and strategies you’ve personally used to scale? 

27:00 – Is there a fun upside to scaling fast?

30:00 – What are people’s doubts and concerns when it comes to outsourcing? 

36:30 –  What’s your advice for firms that are newly virtual or trying to optimize managing a virtual team? 

40:00 – How do you measure capacity for your team? 

46:00 – Book recommendations: Good to GreatBezonomics 


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