Avoid Hiring Pitfalls with Gina Pellegrini (Podcast)

Hiring is absolutely one of the biggest pain points in the CPA industry.

CPAs tell us this on a daily basis. It’a big challenge because the industry is changing, employees coming into the industry are changing, and there are tons of other external factors. So… the first and most important thing we can do in our hiring process is… make sure our own system is structured properly.

Rule of thumb in our ecosystem here at PGA: first, put the things you can control in order – then act.  A good hiring process gives you a lot more control than you might think you have.

When it comes to hiring, Gina Pelligrini has an internal system that I’ve personally used and trust. I trust it so much so that we actually gift her book The Hiring Advantage to every member of the Academy. It should be required reading when you’re looking to hire. 

In this episode, Gina and I dive into the finer points of her hiring process so you can instantly come away with practical, implementable “to-do’s”. She explores common pitfalls most of us are making, simple tweaks in our hiring conversations that make substantial changes, and a workflow to sift through your candidates.

Backstory: Gina and I met through Strategic Coach (SC). SC is an entrepreneurial coaching program I’ve been a member of for over 10 years now and Gina is a coach there. A lot of the wisdom that’s shaped Accounting Practice Academy and my business as a whole have come from the conversations that take place at SC. It’s high-level growth/perspective coaching that influences the work we do in a major way and you can see how SC has influenced Gina’s success as well. She’s a spectacular guest and truly a joy to share a conversation with.

Please watch our conversation here, or listen on our player below.


Time Stamps: 

2:30 – Gina’s Background and What She Does

5:30 – How does your Training Series work? What’s the Process about? 

7:30 – What are the pitfalls you see people make when interviewing? 

9:00 – How do you determine compensation for new hires? 

12:30 – How much does turnover really cost? 

14:00 – Can you elaborate on what you mean by Accountability? 

16:30 – 3 pointers to finding candidates. 

20:30 – What’s the best way to review resumes and pick the people that you want to hire? 

24:30 – Is there an ideal number of candidates that make that face-to-face?

26:30 – How do you suggest people present an Offer?

31:45 – Building in Training Schedules

40:20 – Book Recommendations – Whale DoneWho Not HowThe Energy Bus

42:00 – Major Contributor to Gina’s Success

45:30 – How to best get in touch with Gina – phone: 952.829.5300 email: gina@pellegriniteam.com or LinkedIn: Gina Pellegrini

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