How working less is the key to Accounting Practice owner satisfaction

Brannon Poe
Brannon Poe

For many CPAs, 2020 has brought more work, not less. Ready to do something about that?

Not only will you benefit personally by getting control of your schedule, it will add significant value to your practice when you eventually go to exit. Buyers of firms are increasingly concerned about owner hours and the strength of the teams they are inheriting. It’s no secret – these two factors are closely related!

Accounting Practice Academy™ is all about getting focused, delegating with intention, and creating a strategic roadmap to build a more profitable practice that requires less of the owner!

We’ve created a free live webinar covering 3 Valuable Practice Management Strategies that you can put to work right away. (Depending on Q&A, length 30 min to 1 hour.)


Join us live at one of our 4 upcoming dates:

  • Sept 16th @ 12pm EST
  • Sept 17th @ 5:30 pm EST
  • Sept 20th @ 6pm EST
  • Sept 22nd @ 1pm EST


Accounting Practice Academy


PS – The final 2020 run of Accounting Practice Academy™ starts on September 28th. The next workshop will run in the spring of 2021.

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