What Accounting Practice Academy isn’t – and what it is.

Accounting Practice Academy


The second running of Accounting Practice Academy™ (APA) is now in full-swing. We’ve gotten a lot of excellent feedback from workshop members and a much better idea of how firm owners are engaging with the program. They have created new strategic roadmaps for their practices! We’re excited because our past and current members are now making some big moves.

One thing we want to do better is make crystal clear exactly what owners can expect from APA so we created a couple of quick lists:

APA isn’t:
– Paint by numbers
– Magically able to fix your practice without you doing the work
– Complex (but that doesn’t mean it’s easy)
– One size fits all
– Bureaucratic
– Where you’ll find all of the answers
– Boring
– Full of rabbit holes and excessive detail
– A course (It’s a workshop…see below – there is a difference)
– Centered around technology (although tech is embraced)

APA is:
– A different sort of skeleton or foundation
– A place to build your Strategic Roadmap that’s right for you
– A workshop with a community
– Virtual
– Entrepreneurial
– Interactive
– About “Big Picture” concepts
– About leadership, delegation and balance
– A workshop that makes you think
– Collaborative
– Where you’ll generate ideas
– Involves creative problem solving
– Helps you make the big moves
– Fun
– Simple (simplicity is a feature, not a bug)
– Makes you rethink everything
– To the point
– Hard (can’t escape the big problems)

The last workshop of 2020 starts on September 28th. We won’t run this again until after tax season 2021. Join APA to create the strategic roadmap to transform your practice.


Accounting Practice Academy

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