Leadership and Practice Management – Podcast with Randy Crabtree

You do not want to miss this episode of Accountant’s Flight Plan!  Randy Crabtree, former general tax practice owner, and current specialty tax prep firm owner, discusses the impacts of burnout and how to avoid it!  Randy has experienced both the highs and lows of leadership and chats with us about maximizing your traits as an entrepreneur and growing employee morale.     

This podcast touched on:

  • What Randy learned through owning and selling a tax firm that he brought with him in future endeavors
  • Key personality traits of great leaders
  • How burnout impacts leaders and their teams
  • The biggest tip to finding your peak priority time and avoiding burnout
  • The benefits of automation, delegation, and elimination
  • How to improve and maintain a team culture your employees will enjoy

Have a notepad ready when listening to this podcast as it’s packed full of great advice from business owners for business owners!   

We know you are going to gain a lot from this conversation whether you’re thinking about maintaining your current firm or looking to purchase a new one and kicking it off with a great start.

If this conversation inspires you to start improving your practice, check out Accounting Practice Academy. We have a workshop that focuses on improving your cashflow to above 50% and reducing your owner hours to under 2,000 annually. 

You can listen to the podcast on the player below or watch the latest episode here!

Time stamps:

00:48 – Introduction from Randy

02:29 – Randy’s experience selling a firm

05:48 – Habits as a leader

08:00 – Letting go of control as a leader

12:35 – Avoiding burnout

19:52 – Automation, delegation, elimination

21:58 – Corporate culture

30:18 – Book recommendation from Randy

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