The Accounting Profession Seems to be on the Cusp of Big Changes

The cover of the Journal of Accountancy this month is featuring the new AICPA board chairman Richard J. Caturano. He is embracing change…and get this…he is recommending that firms consider switching to value billing.  This is HUGE!  If you haven’t read the article Embracing Change, I highly recommend it.  Here is a link: This […]

Advantages of Buying an Accounting Practice

Advantages of Buying an Accounting Practice The following is an excerpt from On Your Own! How to start your own CPA practice.  It will be available through the AICPA in late 2012. Because at first, the owner of the practice IS the CPA practice, building a solid client base is the greatest challenge a beginning […]

View of the Lake

View of the Lake I got an email recently with a photograph that was taken from about 30-40 feet from the ground…looking down on a dock with a boat and a couple of chairs.  It looks like there is a balloon tied to one of the chairs.  Needless to say it is a nice view. […]

Planning is the Difference Maker!

Planning is the Difference Maker The Business Plan I recently reached out to a large number of accountants who are currently in practice to try to find a sample business plan for a start-up practitioner.  I am working on a project which is due to be published by the AICPA this fall.  Weeks went by […]