Accounting Practice Academy

What Accounting Practice Academy isn’t – and what it is.

  The second running of Accounting Practice Academy™ (APA) is now in full-swing. We’ve gotten a lot of excellent feedback from workshop members and a much better idea of how firm owners are engaging with the program. They have created new strategic roadmaps for their practices! We’re excited because our past and current members are […]

Wayne Findlay podcast

Increasing Capacity with Wayne Findlay (podcast)

  Ever wonder what outsourcing might look like? Now that firms are working remotely more and more, it’s getting easier to imagine. Our guest this week on the Accountants Flight Plan Podcast™ is Wayne Findlay. Wayne went from accounting firm owner to the creator of an outsourcing firm that serves accounting firms all over the […]

Alan Miltz

Cash Flow Story with Alan Miltz – podcast

“Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is king” ~Alan Miltz   What’s more important to a business than cold, hard cash? The truth is, a lot of businesses can be helped tremendously by improving cash management. So, how do you as an accountant simplify cash management for your business clients? How can the […]