CPA Practice Valuation – The Key Factors

CPA practice valuations can and do vary quite a bit. The industry standard rule of thumb is “1 times gross” which is a very long-standing belief held in the accounting profession. This multiple can be very misleading without considering payment terms. Terms are a crucial consideration because extended payment terms may make the price multiple seem […]

Cutting Through Complexity

The best clients want simplicity and trust that what you do isn’t easy.  They know accounting and tax is complex and that’s why they are your client.  They have no desire to do what you do….or any care whatsoever in the details of how you go about doing it. Business people want an accounting firm […]

photo of David Cristello with Jet Pack Workflow

Streamline your accounting practice with workflow software (podcast)

We’d like to introduce you to David Cristello who is the founder of Jetpack Workflow.  David’s cloud-based software helps accountants stay organized with client work and communication as they scale their practices (or simply want to streamline and enjoy more time away from the office.) Learn how he came up with the idea and other […]

A Funny Way to Say “No”

“Out of the Mouths of Babes” My son Hayden, who is now a University Student, surprised us when he was younger. He was probably about two years old at the time. We asked him to do something and his answer cracked us up so much we still use his expression in our family all the […]