How To Capitalize on Marketing to Grow Your Accounting Firm with Matt Banker – Podcast

How can accountants leverage the power of marketing to grow their businesses? Brannon and Matt Banker of Marketing for Accounting Firms explore the key concepts to building a strong brand in the accounting space. If the prospect of expanding your marketing strategy has you stumped–this episode is for you!

This podcast touched on:

  • Building a story brand to attract right-fit clients.
  • Marketing to attract staff and clients alike.
  • Growth through acquisition vs. growth through marketing. 

Drawing on his expertise in marketing and storytelling, Matt discusses the ins and outs of building a brand that positions you as the guide for your clients. How can you effectively market for the growth that you want? Why is it so important to take time to analyze your positioning and messaging? Should you grow through marketing, acquisition or both? Hear the answers to these questions and more on this episode of the Accountant’s Flight Plan Podcast.

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You can listen to the podcast on the player below or watch the latest episode here

Time Stamps: 

0:32 – Introduction of Matt.

4:00 – What is a story brand?

10:10 – The three areas where you pay for marketing.

17:23 – Growth through acquisition vs. growth through marketing.

21:20 – Knowing if your lead flow system is working. 

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