Accounting Practice Scorecard

Accounting Practice Scorecard

Accounting Practice Scorecard

Do you feel like your CPA practice is missing that ‘certain something?’

Would you like a way to help pinpoint where your accounting practice can be improved?

This winter, we combed through and analyzed all of the best practices we’ve ever sold to see what key factors they had in common. From this exercise, we narrowed the common characteristics  of successful practice owners down to 12 key mindsets and factors, and we have developed a tool to help you evaluate them in your practice.

We have the unique privilege of working closely with independent accounting practice owners from around the US and Canada.

We get to see a wide spectrum of success in CPA firms, and often get asked, “How are the owners of really successful firms able to consistently generate superior results and the sell their CPA firms for a premium at closing?”

Mindsets have a powerful impact on how profitable your accounting practice will become, as well as how enjoyable it will be to own.

These mindsets can also be cultivated over time. Our tool, the Accounting Practice Scorecard shows you which ones we believe to be the key drivers for success.

By completing our simple scorecard, you will be able to hone in on the best opportunities to make you, and your CPA practice more successful.

Get your Score! It’s free, fun and only takes a few minutes to complete!

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