Entrepreneurship In the Virtual Accounting Space with CPA Firm Owner and Xero Ambassador Liz Mason – Podcast

CPA firm owner, entrepreneur and Xero ambassador Liz Mason, shared insights from starting her own virtual firm, High Rock Accounting, and using cloud based accounting tools to find and successfully serve your niche. Her passion for entrepreneurship is contagious and makes this a conversation you don’t want to miss!

This podcast touched on: 

  • Using virtual accounting tools to expand your client pool and hone in on your firm’s niche. 
  • Inspiring the next generation of CPAs through entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Working as a Xero ambassador to provide value to the accounting field. 

We also spoke about the role that AI and cloud based accounting tools play in the industry and how they open up the possibility of partnering more deeply with clients than ever before. We discussed the process of optimizing the management of a CPA firm, and opening new service lines to drive innovation. Not to mention that Liz shared one of the most crazy career stories ever told on the Accountant’s Flight Plan! 

If this conversation inspires you to start improving your practice, check out Accounting Practice Academy. We have a workshop that focuses on improving your cashflow to above 50% and reducing your owner hours to under 2,000 annually.  

You can watch the full podcast above or listen in the player below.

Time Stamps: 

0:34 – Introduction of Liz Mason.

3:45 – Starting Highrock Accounting as a completely virtual firm–becoming one of the earliest US based firms to utilize Xero’s cloud based technology.

6:45 – Inspiring the next generation of CPAs through innovation within the industry.

13:16 – Working as a Xero Ambassador to build and serve the accounting community. 

24:21 – Deepening partnerships with existing clients to better serve their needs while increasing your profit margin. 

27:22 – One of the craziest career stories I have ever heard!

36:30 – Book recommendation – Traction and anything by Brené Brown 

Liz Mason is a serial entrepreneur, a giant nerd, and an involved accounting vanguard. She is CEO and Founder of High Rock Accounting, Rebel Rock, and Phantom Lab. Liz speaks on a national stage, guests stars on podcasts, and writes frequently. To further her passion for the advancement of the accounting profession, Liz currently serves as a Xero National Ambassador. 

Getting in Touch with Liz and High Rock Accounting: Follow Liz and High Rock Accounting on Twitter at @LizzyNorMa and @HighRockCPAs.

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