Channeling Your Frustrations into Something Positive

Channeling your frustrations into something positve

Channeling Your Frustrations into Something Positive


On our weekly call this week, Brannon was asking us about our biggest win from the previous week.  Mine came from a situation that had started out very badly.  I was working with some clients and things were moving in a very wrong direction.  I spent some time with all the parties and we ended the week back on track and better off.  This got me to thinking about how, when I get myself feeling frustrated, I can channel that energy into something positive.  I thought about a few ideas to help me with this:


Read about it

Tell google about your frustration.  See if you can find an expert who has run into this issue before.  You will probably find that there is a lot of both good, and bad advice out there, but at least you could find a way forward.  Reading about other people’s experience with the same issue may also make you feel like you and your frustration are not alone.

Write about it

Spend some time and just journal about what is happening.  There is probably a lot in your brain.  It may help to get it all in writing to begin to give you some clarity.  Something might jump out at you as being important or maybe something that was really bothering you is actually pretty small.  Writing your thoughts down may force you to slow down and really find some ideas that are worth reflecting on.  Slowing down may also allow you to realize it might not be as bad as you think, and that maybe a solution was already there.

Talk about it

Is there someone you trust that you can talk about the issue with?  Again, expressing what is happening may provide some clarity on the details of the situation.  Talking with someone you trust will give you another perspective.  You may also find that talking with someone will show you that you already knew the answer and you just needed to get it out.

Dig into it and then let it go

The last little trick is that maybe you just need to dig into the next step.  Take some action to create movement.  Try one of the strategies you came up with after reading, writing or talking about the issue.  Do it.  Do the next thing you need to do and then walk away from it and see what happens.  You may find you feel better quickly or you can’t.  It might be a situation that you have to just accept.  If you can’t fix it, just walk away from it.  It might not need fixing.  Let it go.


About the author:
Stephanie Smith is an experienced intermediary specializing in accounting practice sales, mergers and acquisitions. Stephanie brings a strong financial background to her position at Poe Group Advisors with over 12 years of sales and marketing experience in the banking sector. This prior experience lending to and working with small business owners assists her as a skilled negotiator helping maximize value for both buyers and sellers.

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