Remember to Laugh and Have Fun During Tax Season

We work with a lot of buyers of accounting practices this time of year who are planning their first tax season.  The advice that we give them is relevant for the most seasoned owner as well.

So many buyers of practices want to focus like a laser beam on their new clients…which is great, but keep your attention on your people too.  Remember to help and to demonstrate your appreciation for the people who are also serving your clients.  Of all the mistakes I see new buyers make, not keeping staff happy is the biggest one with the most damaging impact.  It usually is just lack of attention.

It would reason then, that keeping staff happy has a huge impact on an established practice as well!

The culture of your firm is felt by clients every time they call or come into your office.  People want to do business with people that have great attitudes and want to be helpful.  If your staff members are grouchy, stressed or negative, it may make a difference in whether or not you get a referral, get a consulting project, or keep that client’s business.

What can you do to laugh and have fun during tax season?

Be creative.  Use your imagination.  Here are a few suggestions that have worked very well for some of our new practice owners:

  • Take staff to dinner once in a while.
  • Bring lunch in to the office, or order pizza in the evenings.
  • Bring in a massage therapist for a day and let staff take turns getting a ½ hour chair massage.
  • Buy them a gift certificate to a nice restaurant for a dinner out with their spouse.
  • Don’t let them see you sweat!  Keep a smile on and have a laugh.  Your attitude will spread!
  • Look for what they do right!  Go out of your way to notice when your people give great customer service or go that extra mile.  You get more of the behavior that you reward.
  • Praise in public and scold in private!
  • Have everyone help to plan an after tax-season party.
  • Get everyone together regularly and let them voice their observations about what is going well and what tax-season kinks need to be worked out.  Implement their good ideas.

Your staff probably have better ideas than you do.  Capture that talent and enthusiasm.  Have fun and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank this tax season!

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