Navigating Growth, Niching Down, and Other Helpful Lessons for the Accounting Firm Owner  – Podcast with Meryl Johnston

Ready to grow your accounting firm?  Let’s listen to the wisdom shared by a seasoned entrepreneur, Meryl Johnston.  A Chartered Accountant, founder of Bean Ninjas, and Head of Accounting at TeamUp, Meryl brings a wealth of experience to the table.  Together, we chat about the power of niching down and the art of running a non-owner-centric business.  Meryl shares her entrepreneurial journey, transitioning from CEO to a part-time advisor role, noting the importance of sticking to your goals while growing a business, and ensuring your needs and life take precedence.  

This podcast touched on:

  • Leveraging team expertise to grow your accounting firm
  • Transitioning into a hands-off CEO role
  • Sticking to your goals and boundaries as a business owner

Merryl is an exciting character who shares how she grew her business, her pitfalls and strategic triumphs. Take a listen to see what you can carry into your CPA practice. 

If this conversation inspires you to start improving your practice, check out Accounting Practice Academy. We have a workshop that focuses on improving your cashflow to above 50% and reducing your owner hours to under 2,000 annually.  

You can listen to the podcast on the player below or watch the latest episode here!

Time stamps:

1:45 – Introduction from Meryl

7:07 – Growing your firm through niching down 

11:52 – Building a remote firm to work for you

20:16 – Running a non-owner-centric business 

32:26 – Replacing meetings with Loom videos

You can follow Meryl on X and LinkedIn, or join her on the Gold Coast Beach to surf the early morning waves!

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