VLOG_Hiring Trigger Points: When’s the right time to make a hire?

Hiring Trigger Points: When’s the right time to make a hire?

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“How do I know it’s the right time to make a hire?” 

The fear lies in wondering whether or not you will wipe out your profit margin with the new hire, and if new clients will fill it back up.

I share with her one strategy we’ve implemented which is setting hiring trigger points in our growth timeline. 

I said, “Pre-plan out hiring triggers, ‘when we get this many bookkeeping clients it’s time to hire.’ Think about it ahead of time, think about how long it takes to find somebody, train them so they are productive.”

It’s like setting mile markers that say, “Okay, we’re at this level its time to hire.” 

That way we can take some of the emotion out of it. When you’re in that planning mindset hiring isn’t an immediate threat, so that fear stays at bay. It makes the decision to hire when you hit that trigger a bit less intense. 

Not only that but if you make a mistake you can go back and refine that growth/hiring trigger point.

It’s obviously not a magic solution but it helps us get out of our own way and mitigate the fear that tends to show up in times when hiring is essential. 



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