Fun at Work

fun at work

Fun at Work

Can work be fun? If you read about leadership, fun is rarely even mentioned. In fact, fun is probably one of the most undervalued leadership qualities that exists. Thinking back on my own experience of working for others, my favorite places to work were both very successful companies and had extremely fun environments. The owners knew how to have a good time and were generally just good people to be around.

Why should fun be considered a leadership quality?….because it produces positive results! (and breakthrough ideas rarely come out of sweatshops.) How does fun actually translate into a better business? People who enjoy their work stick around longer. Most, not all, will work harder and produce more too.

So, what’s in the art of making the workplace fun?

It starts with the leaders enjoying their time at work and flows from there. Here are a few ideas to kick around as tax season approaches:

• Take breaks.
• Don’t overwork.
• Celebrate Birthdays.
• Celebrate the big deadlines passing.
• Bring in doughnuts.
• Bring in lunch.
• Brainstorm with staff about things to do during tax season.
• Have a chair-massage therapist come in for a day.
• Play cards or games on a break.

If you want to really get serious, check out which is a company dedicated to helping companies have more fun at work.

…or buy the book 301 Ways To have Fun At Work.

Hope this helps….now go have some fun!

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