Hiring Remote Accounting Staff with Rob Buffington-Podcast

What’s the value of your teams’ time? Your staff accountant shouldn’t be doing intake! That is the sentiment shared by our latest podcast guest, staffing industry expert, Rob Buffington. 

Rob owns Gordian Financial and Gordian Staffing which places remote staff in accounting firms across America from Mexico who are fluent in English and college educated. His goal is to help create capacity and lighten the burden of the staffing shortage. 

We chatted about remote staffing and the challenges facing the accounting profession. Rob’s take is that accountant’s are getting locked into compliance work and not thinking about where value is for clients. Accountants need to get out of the weeds and delegate to staff so they can offer real value to their clients. 

You can watch the podcast here or listen on the podcast player below:

Time Stamps:

00:30 Rob’s introduction 

1:30 Rob’s background 

2:58 How have Rob’s accounting clients responded to remote staff 

5:00 Data security with remote employees 

6:00 Shifts in the accounting field 

7:00 Concerns people have with oversees support 

8:00 How candidates are hired

9:00 Organization advice 

10:50 Threat to the accounting profession right now

12:50 Biggest opportunity in the industry right now 

13:40 Book recommendations 

17:00 How you can connect with Rob Buffington, Gordian Staffing and Gordian Financial

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