Growth Lessons from Top Notch firms(Video & Podcast)

Growth Lessons from top notch firms

How to make 100% of your revenue growth hit the bottom line w/ Brannon Poe and Ian Brennan

Growth can mean different things to different people.  After a few brutal busy seasons, more and more of the CPAs we talk with want balanced growth.  They want more time, because they don’t have enough of it.  Many are facing talent shortages.  

It might be counter intuitive, but when you learn to grow your time (and your team’s time) by pruning your firm after thoughtful analysis,  your firm gets better and grows in ways that you might not expect in terms of revenue and owner cash-flow.

This is a bit different than most of our podcasts.  It’s a conversation with me and Ian Brennan that’s all about growing a CPA firm with high intention.  Planning makes all the difference.  

This is a very lively conversation and is absolutely packed with golden nuggets.  We’ve learned a lot from our clients both in our work with selling firms and in Accounting Practice Academy™. Take the full hour to tap into how the best firms are making lasting, positive changes in their practices (or check out our timestamps below to pick your favorite topic.)

Please note – The Accounting Practice Academy™ registration deadline is today – July 15, 2022 for our first session.  We are ONLY running two workshops in 2022.  (The next one starts Sept. 23)  Apply Today to hop into one of our 2022 virtual workshops.


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Links to works cited in the podcast can be found:

Resources page:

  • The “3 bucket tool” (Delegation Tool)
  • Firm Growth Guide: $0 to $100M
  • The 8 Modules described
  • The Unplugged Vacation



  • 1:00 – Introductions – How we learned this? Why APA exists? 
  • 5:30 How do I get the growth to go straight to the bottom line?
    • Example of a firm that has done it
  • 20:40 -Is Growth the Right Move?
  • 25:00 – Addressing the biggest barriers to growth?
  • 27:00 – What are some trends you are noticing in regards to staffing?
  • 31:30 How can someone get out of the bottleneck of their firm?
  • 36:00 – Effect of high owner hours on your firm/how it reflects to buyers.
  • 41:00 -Short 1 min clip of APA testimonials
  • 44:00 – Resources for transitioning to the cloud
  • 45:30  – Discussion of pricing strategies
  • 52:00   Format, details, value of Accounting Practice Academy 
  • 55:00 What makes a highly focused firm? 


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