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We’re here to show you the ropes and help you create a new roadmap for your firm. Get a sneak peek at the Accounting Practice Academy experience by checking out our resources.

Scaling Your Cloud Accounting Practice

The good news is that cloud accounting firms can scale very quickly. The challenge is managing that growth well so that owner(s) and the team can enjoy the ride.

Growth Lessons from Top-Notch Firms

How to make 100% of your revenue growth hit the bottom line.

A Template for Letting Go of Clients

Letting go of clients is challenging, here’s a templated letter to make the process a little easier.

Firm Growth Guide: $0 to $100M

Looking to step up your game and grow your practice’s revenue significantly? We have an 8-page guide that covers the fundamentals.

Practice Scorecard

Gain valuable insight into the 12 key elements that drive accounting practice value when it’s time to sell. Find out how you’re doing at driving results within your firm.

Accounting Practice Academy Test Drive Replay

Take our workshop for a spin and start building your strategic roadmap. Get a sneak peek to gain a few powerful strategies you can implement right away.

Accounting Practice Academy 8 Module Download

Learn more about our workshop process by downloading the guide to our 8 weekly modules.


Prepping Your Firm for Sale

Whether you plan to sell your firm in several months or several years, you can start preparing your firm today. Check out our Seller Resources.


Free Chapter

Before we created the workshop, we wrote the book! Download a free chapter from Accountant’s Flight Plan to get the inside scoop on our workshop fundamentals.

Delegation Tool

Overwhelmed? Got a full plate? Are you constantly working? It’s time to start delegating and creating the capacity you need to focus on what matters. Start using our free, simple to use, delegation tool today.

Business Checkup Tool

Is your firm in good health? Get the important stuff down all in one place and evaluate your best next steps. Use our free Business Checkup Tool.

The Unplugged Vacation

Ready to take a real vacation…without answering emails? You can improve your practice’s success and gain freedom from your firm.

Workshop Experience Share

“We’re doing less work and making more money.”
Hear Mario Pizzamiglio, CPA discuss at length his experience in and after the workshop.


Our team has curated a variety of tools and resources for accounting practice owners just like you. We also have a vast accounting practice marketplace, featuring all current and sold PGA listings throughout the U.S. and Canada. Start exploring today!


July 14 & October 27

Transform your practice with this 8-week workshop.

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