Working Less Than 40 Hours a Week as a CPA Firm Owner is Possible – Podcast with Geraldine Carter 

If you have read any of our blogs, you know we think you and your team deserve a balanced work schedule. This benefits you and your clients too as you gain time to focus on growth and perfecting your service offerings.  If you are ready to learn the mindset shift needed to start thinking about scaling challenges creatively, this is a great episode.  Geraldine Carter, coach to single-owner CPAs, joins me on this episode of Accountant’s Flight Plan and shares the mindset needed to bring your work week back to 40 hours.  We dive deep into what it means to scale vs. grow a firm and the main obstacle holding you back from living the life you want.

This podcast touched on:

  • Sticking to boundaries as a firm owner
  • Sustainable mindsets for growth
  • Creative ways to approach growth challenges
  • Believing that scaling your firm is possible

Many CPAs and firm owners get stuck in the overworked grind. Getting out of this workflow is only possible if you believe a different way exists!  Geraldine has helped countless firm owners reduce their weekly hours worked without losing revenue.    

If this conversation inspires you to start improving your practice, check out Accounting Practice Academy. We have a workshop that focuses on improving your cashflow to above 50% and reducing your owner hours to under 2,000 annually.  The next workshop starts October 27th. 

You can listen to the podcast on the player below or watch the latest episode here

Time stamps:

00:47 – Introduction from Geraldine

04:00 – Challenges when scaling a firm

09:48 – Changing your Client’s mindset

17:00 – Difference between scaling vs. growing 

20:27 – Growth mindset obstacles 

28:40 – Overcoming growth challenges with boundaries

Geraldine is currently working on two books: “Down to 40 Hours: How To End Overworking In The Accounting Space” and “Healthy Business Boundaries for CPAs“.  To stay informed about these book launches or join the waitlist for coaching sessions, you can get in touch with her on her website ( or follow her on LinkedIn (

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