The Future of Accounting – with Danetha Doe (podcast)

Did you know that the millennial work-force in the last few years has become the largest generation represented? Their work-culture expectations are shaping client and employee needs across every sector- including Accounting. This is just one of the bits discussed on our most recent podcast episode with our exciting guest who is making a big splash in the accounting profession.

We sat down with Danetha Doe, the CEO & President of The Doe Collective based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a millennial taking the podcast and accounting world by storm with her podcast series The Future of Accounting. She has some very interesting insight into the needs of clients, staff and even the potential trajectory of technology in the finance world. She offers insightful, helpful advice for young and seasoned accountants alike.



Danetha’s background is in Economics. After graduating in 2008 and struggling with the job market of the recession, she ended up starting her own firm helping business owners in the fashion and makeup industry. She says that is one of her biggest tips to other accountants: hone in on your niche and do it really, really well.

Today Danetha is on a mission to empower women with financial skills. She, along with her partners are dedicated to creating interesting and informative material by interviewing professionals in the space. Brannon Poe with Poe Group Advisors was invited to be a guest on her show, The Future of Accounting-episode 47. We encourage you to check it out, but first take a listen to our conversation with Danetha. We feel confident that you will want to listen to Danetha’s advice when it comes to:

  • Practice building from the ground up
  • Practice purchasing
  • Preparing your practice for the changing workforce and clientele needs
  • What you might expect from technological changes happening in the accounting profession

If this interests you, simply listen here in full.

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