Podcast with Rich Stang- Accounting Firm Hiring For Culture ( Repost)

We originally published this post a couple of years ago. With the hiring and staffing challenges currently facing our profession, we thought this would be a useful post to republish. 

Team first, Clients second.

Even without a start in public accounting, (or perhaps because of that) Rich Stang built a powerhouse of a firm by focusing heavily on one thing – Hiring for culture.

In this podcast he dives into how his team is the source of that growth and success. The art of hiring well takes finesse and several counter-intuitive perspectives, some of which Rich explores in today’s episode.

Hear how Rich handles his hiring process, how he selects interns, and how fundamental company culture is to a profitable practice.

Click here if you would prefer to watch this this podcast.

Notable Moments:

2:15 – How I got started as a CPA without any public accounting experience.

4:45 – Does your public and industry experience serve your consulting?

6:00 – Greatest challenge/opportunity – Key to Growth.

9:00 – How do you choose and build up interns?

10:00 – Hire for culture first, then focus on skills.

13:00 – How do you reinforce company culture/pass it onto your team?

21:18 – Internal Succession Plan.

25:28 – Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset.

34:50 – Advice to Rich’s younger self.

About Rich: Rich Stang is a founding partner of DeLeon & Stang. His specialties include corporate and individual tax issues and planning, estate, investment management and insurance advisory services for businesses and individuals.

Rich’s previous experience with several large not-for-profit trade associations in various financial positions has given him valuable insight into helping his clients with their issues.

About Brannon: Click  here to see Brannon’s Bio.

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