Mindsets have a powerful impact on the value of your accounting practice.

Gain valuable insight into the key elements that drive accounting practice value when it's time to sell.

CPA Practice Scorecard

Through our experience of selling countless accounting practices and working with many successful owners over the years, our team has identified several common threads that we believe drive results in small and mid-sized accounting practices. Using our practical experience, we created a tool to help you gain insight on the 12 key mindsets and factors that have helped past owners maximize the values of their firms at closing. Knowing how you currently measure on these factors and mindsets will help you:

  • Determine the factors that would make a buyer compatible with your firm.
  • Make the key decisions needed to get your practice ready for market.
  • Identify areas of possible improvement.
  • Determine the timing for a sale.
  • Understand how your practice may compare to others in the market - and therefore how best to position it for a sale.

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