Automating your Accounting firm with Jetpack Workflow’s CEO, David Cristello (Podcast)

Automate your cloud firm

“When we interview firms on our podcast and we get a little blurb from them, ‘I got to a million in 24 months, I got to a million in 12 months,’…100% of the time they are a cloud firm.”

In this episode, David and I cover a lot of ground in the realm of automation. We talked about our perspectives on tech and brokerage. We have some ideas about where this industry is headed, and we think it’s largely virtual. There’s some great back and forth here that I think you’ll enjoy.

If you are contemplating expanding your current automation setup or getting the automation ball rolling because you see that colossal shift that is coming in this industry, this is an excellent podcast to dive into.

Allocating time and energy toward automation can seem daunting, but truthfully it’s just tedious. It’s a matter of selecting the right software and getting support to help integrate. Help could come from a team member or an external coach to help move your clients over 1 by 1. 

I’ve always said it’s analogous to doing dishes. You can only load one dish at a time, and you can only convert one client at a time. Tedious for sure, but when you think about the potential to scale while reducing your owner hours, the temptation to automate grows. The fact of the matter is, it makes your firm highly marketable.

Watch the podcast here. Take a listen on the player below.


Time Stamps:

2:00 – How has Covid impacted Jetpack Workflow

6:00 – Did Jetpack become more helpful to those trying to coordinate remote teams for the first time?

9:00 – Did you see any changes in your software that were stress-tested by this remote environment? (that you had to make some tweaks in to) Zapier Middle Software

14:00 – Is Zapier focused on the accounting industry or are they all over the board?

16:15 – Do you have any experience with Xero Firms yet?

20:30 – What do you think of the rate at which firms are going cloud? Are you seeing more and more firms automate/go cloud?

22:15 – David asking Brannon – Do you think firm owners would get as good a price now as they would 3 years from now with the way automation is moving?

28:25 – How being cloud opens options for Hiring.

31:25 – One of the biggest trends David is looking forward to. Smart Software.

40:30 – Do you know of any consultants or companies that are helping accountants make the transition to cloud? Heather Satterly –

41:45 – Who is the internal championing or driving this change to automation?

44:00 – Book Recommendations – Onward, 

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David’s Book – Double Your Accounting Firm


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