Work Life Balance with Amy Vetter (podcast)

Brannon recently had an enlightening conversation with Amy Vetter. Listen in on their conversation about work life balance, which helps create a more productive work-force and a more productive you. Amy Veter is a CPA, author, teacher, public speaker and yoga studio owner. In this podcast, Amy gives us insight into the contentment she feels […]

CPA Firm Succession Planning Summary

  I recently wrote a blog for The Georgia Society of CPAs about succession planning. Below is a quick recap of what was included in the column. To see the full text please click the link at the end of this summary. Succession planning is often forgotten about until you are faced with having to […]

How well do you know your Poe Group Advisors Team?

We thought it might be fun to share some fun facts about us at Poe Group Advisors. Who had a paper route for a year in England? Who studied to be a pastry chef, but never brings in baked goods to the office? Who is writing a humorous book about their family? Who once moved […]

cloud accounting firm

5 Steps to Start a Cloud Accounting Firm

By Ryan Lazanis We rarely publish guest posts, but we had so much positive interest in the Podcast we did with Ryan, we wanted to share more of his incredible insights. Ryan is also a past client of Poe Group Advisors’ and is starting a new company called Future Firm which provides resources & consulting […]