How well do you know your Poe Group Advisors Team?

We thought it might be fun to share some fun facts about us at Poe Group Advisors.

  1. Who had a paper route for a year in England?
  2. Who studied to be a pastry chef, but never brings in baked goods to the office?
  3. Who is writing a humorous book about their family?
  4. Who once moved 16 times in 16 years?
  5. Who bought a house and keeps finding bath mats in the yard left by the previous owner?
  6. Who plays the bagpipes?
  7. Who designed cell phone covers that got put in the “Swag bags” at the Oscars?










  • If you answered Brannon for #1 you are correct. When Brannon was 11 years old his father took a professor exchange position in Nottingham England for the year. They packed up the family and moved to a little village called Cotgrave. While living there, Brannon was the paper boy for his village. He got up way before the sun and walked in the bitter cold, sometimes uphill in snow without shoes. (As it was told later to his three children when they asked for money.)


  • #2, If you guessed Martha you would be correct. Martha went to school to be a pastry chef. When we asked her why she did not stick with it she replied, “Pastry chefs have to wake up too early.”  Ironically, Martha is the first one to the office every morning and often the first person in the entire building.


  • If you guessed Carol for #3, you would be correct. I’ve been married to Brannon for 27 years. There’s a lot of funny things that he has done. Too funny not to share with the world. My goal is to be the next Erma Bombeck of my generation (before Brannon fires me again).


  • #4, Tim is our resident nomad. After graduating collage, Tim did so well in his job that his employer’s moved him all over the place. Luckily for us, Tim met his wife in Charleston and finally settled down and planted roots.


  • #5, Stephanie and her husband, Ed, bought a house that had belonged to a hoarder. The house was in such bad shape, while cleaning it out they discovered another bathroom that they thought was a closet! They are still finding random bath mats buried in the yard. I guess the previous owner forgot she had that bathroom too.


  • #6, If you guessed Darryl as our bagpiping broker, that would be correct! Darryl’s background is Scottish, but he picked up the bagpipes from his next door neighbor when he was in elementary school. Darryl went on to play through high school and even played in his town’s pipe band. Though he doesn’t play much anymore, he could make himself available for special occasions.


  • Last but not least, #7 is our fashionista, Randi. She once had a company that made designer bags and phone covers among other things. Her phone covers were so cool that they ended up in the Oscars swag bags. Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres could possibly have one of Randi’s designs on her phone right now! After Randi translates our entire website to French she might be persuaded to breakout her creative talents again.


To learn more about our team please check out our about our team page.


About the author: Carol Poe is the COO and Buyer Specialist at Poe Group Advisors. She is married to Brannon and they have three adult children. At Poe Group Advisors, she is the “match-maker” bringing together buyers and sellers. She walks buyers through our process and always has our client’s best interests at heart. She is also in charge of all of our office fun. She enjoys traveling, cooking, reading and making people laugh.



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