I Just Can’t Want to do That

From the mouths of babes…when our oldest son was just barely old enough to talk, he would respond to some of our requests to him with:  “I just can’t want to do that.”  We often jokingly repeat this around our house even to this day. It was funny because he would say it in a […]

Should I use an LOI?

The quick answer is…No.  At first blush, the Letter of Intent would seem like a good idea.   It allows the buyer to demonstrate to the seller that they do indeed intend to purchase. It also lays out the general terms of the deal.  These would both seem like clear positives. However, we find the step […]

Podcast With Bill Sheridan – Social Media for Accountants

I recently reached out to Bill Sheridan to talk about social media for accountants. Bill is the creator and co-author of one of the “top accounting blogs” in the United States- CPA Success.  Bill speaks regularly to accountants on the strategic uses of social media and the future of communication in his role as chief […]