CPA Firms For Sale – Ontario

Ready to get started on your next big endeavor in Ontario? Poe Group Advisors is comprised of skilled professionals who help accounting practice buyers and sellers find the right opportunity and fit for their business. With many years of experience, we are known for our efficient and diligent approach to facilitating the buying and selling of CPA firms through our unique process. We help many accounting firms find potential buyers. Check out our list of Ontario accounting practices for sale below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require any additional information or help with buying or selling an accounting practice.

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Previously Sold Listings

Listing # Location Asking Price Status
ON2103 Cloud Firm (HQ in Ontario) $5,750,000 SOLD
ON2078 Cloud Firm (HQ in Ontario) $4,125,831 SOLD
ON2077 Ontario $2,200,000 SOLD
ON2057 Ontario $1,950,000 SOLD
ON2066 Ontario $1,850,000 SOLD
ON2022 Ontario $1,800,000 SOLD
ON1031 Ontario $1,500,000 SOLD
ON2105 Cloud Firm (HQ in Ontario) $1,350,000 SOLD
ON2054 Cloud Firm (HQ in Ontario) $1,250,000 SOLD
ON2017 Ontario $1,200,000 SOLD
ON2071 Ontario $1,200,000 SOLD
ON2011 Ontario $1,195,000 SOLD
ON2048 Ontario $1,100,000 SOLD
ON2073 Ontario $1,000,000 SOLD
ON2061 Ontario $950,000 SOLD