What are your biggest opportunities right now?

As we look forward to 2019, it helps to reflect on all the good stuff that happened in 2018. So often the little aggravations with clients and staff, coupled with a full schedule and a hectic pace can make work into misery (not to mention CPE). If you are not careful, these things can skew your view of your practice.

It helps to check your perspective from time to time. One of the greatest ways to do this is to put your brain in opportunity mode. Here is a quick list of questions that might serve as a valuable trigger:


  1. Which clients do I appreciate the most? When was the last time we spoke?
  2. Who could benefit the most by doing some tax planning?
  3. What services have clients been asking about the most?
  4. What knowledge, talent, skills do we have on our team that are not being fully utilized?
  5. What tools do we have that we haven’t utilized to their fullest?
  6. What’s the biggest administrative “time suck?” Who could also do this work?
  7. Who have been my biggest referral sources? When is the last time we asked for a referral…or did something to show our appreciation?
  8. How have we gotten our best clients in the past? Can we do more of this?
  9. What can we stop doing?
  10. What’s something I’ve been meaning to explore but just haven’t?
  11. Who on the team seems to want more responsibility?
  12. What service do we do that has the highest realization rates? How can we do more of that?
  13. What would be better to outsource so we have the time to do more ______?
  14. What key hires would help us go to the next level?


Focus on the opportunities in 2019…and they will expand!


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