The Top Eight from Accounting Practice Insights

Top Accounting Practice Insights

The Top Eight from Accounting Practice Insights

2016 will be an exciting year for our Blog (which is now titled Accounting Practice Insights.) It’s our sincere hope to continue bringing you incredibly valuable content that is easy to read and understand….and is practical enough to actually implement in some way. As many of you know, we ended our long-time affiliation with Accounting Practice Sales in 2015 and we have some pretty nice growth prospects for this year and beyond.

As an aside – We plan to start expanding after tax season and are looking for people to join our team. Send us a 1 to 3 minute video if you are interested in joining us.

With the blog my personal goal is to be able to focus on doing more writing, more interviews and more podcasts and also to start playing with some video. Creating content is one aspect of the business that is especially enjoyable.

Last year we had steady growth in our subscriptions and many of you wrote us with great topic ideas and suggestions. Thank you for your continued interest in reading our columns. Please keep those ideas coming.

Also, we have heard from numerous sources that accountants are not a particularly sharing group, but we haven’t found that to be true. Many of you share our columns on your social networks and via email and word-of-mouth. Please keep doing that….it really helps us grow.

Below are links (Either click or copy to your browser) to our most heavily viewed columns of all time:

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…and our podcast with the most plays was on social media:

Brannon Poe, CPA, is the founder of Poe Group Advisors, a premier accounting practice brokerage firm. He is the author of Accountant’s Flight Plan: Best Practices for Today’s Firms and On Your Own: How to Start Your Own CPA Firm, and blogs.

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