How Do You Get Top Dollar for Your Accounting Practice?

How do you get top dollar for your accounting practice?

How do you get top dollar for your accounting practice? 

You DON’T focus on the money…wait….what?

Instead, you focus on the fit.  


Finding the Right Buyer for your CPA Firm

Focusing on getting a buyer who represents the best fit is crucial for a successful handoff, for clients, for staff and for post-closing results…your legacy if you will.  It also happens to generally result in getting the best price.  Each buyer will value your practice differently because each buyer will produce different results if they were to buy your practice.

The best match will be based on several factors such as risk tolerance, financial position, capacity for taking on more work, technical abilities, management style, interpersonal skills, etc. The key to getting the best deal is to quickly eliminate buyers who do not represent a good fit and focus only on buyers who represent the best match.  They will value your practice the most.  Perhaps more importantly, you’ll also experience the best hand-off.

Poe Group Advisors has a tried-and-true process that CPA firm buyers go through to allow our clients to focus on spending time with only the best candidates.

We gather all of the buyer information to properly assess each buyer…and then help to sift through and enter discussions with multiple buyers at once. The process is also very efficient which allows our clients to maintain healthy practices while their firms are being marketed.  We also provide buyers with transition coaching and tools to help them become even more successful with their new firm.

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