Tax Season Strategies – a podcast with Ed Mendlowitz

Tax Season Strategies – A Podcast with Ed Mendlowitz

Listen in and you’ll hear some great tips for developing smoother and more profitable tax seasons. You can tell by listening to Ed that he has a wealth of knowledge and experience at making tax season not only more profitable, but more fun as well. Regardless of how many tax seasons you’ve been in practice, there is something in this recording for everyone. For most owners of accounting practices, tax season provides your bread and butter. Why not find out how to gear up for your next one!

We talk about topics Ed wrote about in “Managing Your Tax Season” which covers everything you need to know in order to improve your tax season system, including guidance on how to:

· Manage seasonality with seasonal staff, outsourcing, technology, and extensions

· Leverage technology, including suggestions for peer-to-peer training

· Discover cross-sell opportunities in pre-year-end planning

· Turn client tax organizers into tools to improve tax season efficiency and client loyalty

· Train staff to effectively implement your tax season system

· Create best practices for return preparation and review

· Determine — and raise — your fees

Ed Mendlowitz has over 40 years of public accounting experience and is a partner with Withum Smith & Brown in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He has written an impressive collection of books – including “Managing your Tax Season”, “Successful Tax Planning”, and “How to Review Tax Returns.” Check out this extensive selection on Amazon. Ed has also written hundreds of articles for business and professional journals. To learn more about Ed Mendlowitz, please visit If you would like to contact Ed, please email him at . He also blogs at If you would like to contact Poe Group advisors about buying or selling an accounting practice, you can email them at or by phone at 888.246.0974.

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