Streamline Your CPA Practice – Mitch Baldridge APA Case Study (podcast)

Mitch Baldridge is a CPA based in Houston, Texas and he has been steadily growing his firm, Baldrige CPA, since going out on his own in 2014. His first year, he essentially made no revenue and now he has several employees and steadily growing margins.

Mitch found Brannon a few years ago when he was thinking about acquiring a firm. He thought he would purchase an existing practice to help build the capacity and growth he was needing. Instead, Mitch actually ended up being a beta member for what would become Accounting Practice Academy™ (APA). In 2020 he took the workshop again with the first round of members.

This interview is near and dear to the Poe Group team. Mitch was an integral contributor to APA and we know you will find his journey to a fun and profitable firm inspiring.

In this podcast Mitch discusses the big contributors to his growing success. He explains how he:

  • Created capacity by hiring more people and delegating his work
  • Became selective with new clients
  • Introduced existing clients to new fees and terms of service
  • Specialized his services
  • Built a social media presence on twitter

Take a listen below, or click here to watch the podcast on Vimeo.

Key moments:

1:15- How Mitch decided to be an accountant

5:25- What Mitch’s practice looked like before APA

12:08- What Mitch’s practice looked like today

14:52- How Mitch has been focusing his firm

19:00- How Mitch’s team has changed

21:47- How Mitch decides how to pick clients

23:58- The growth Mitch has seen and why

28:00- How Mitch created capacity and what he’s doing with it

32:00- Mitch’s book recommendations

35:40- How you can follow Mitch

37:00- Brannon convincing Mitch to visit Charleston


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