Streamline your accounting practice with workflow software (podcast)

David Cristello-Founder of Jetpack Workflow

We’d like to introduce you to David Cristello who is the founder of Jetpack Workflow.  David’s cloud-based software helps accountants stay organized with client work and communication as they scale their practices (or simply want to streamline and enjoy more time away from the office.)

Learn how he came up with the idea and other workflow insights.  His approach was extremely inventive and entrepreneurial.  David is not an accountant by trade but has so much energy and enthusiasm for our great profession.  In short order, David has grown Jetpack Workflow so that it’s currently being used by thousands of accountants in 17+ countries.

Also – Listen in on his insights about new technologies that will impact the way accountants do business.  Brannon and David touch on blockchain, machine learning and voice.  Get their take on where these technologies are headed.

If you are a reader, you’ll love David’s four book recommendations.  Also-You’ll hear about the book David co-authored titled Double Your Accounting Firm that came about as a result of his podcast “Growing Your Firm.”  We even discuss how you can download a free eBook.



Here’s what you will learn:



2:39-How did you get into Software Development? David explains starting the company and his background

4:40-“Great Businesses are built from solving painful problems”

10:30-What other problems did you encounter in your research?

15:20-What are the most common mistakes in regards to workflow?

21:45-Learn about David’s book “Double your Accounting Firm” and how to get a digital version for free

25:16-What trends are you seeing in process management across the industry?

38:19-A few book recommendations

43:22-How to get in touch with David Cristello and Jetpack Workflow


If you’d like to learn more about how Jetpack workflow can streamline your accounting practice, listen now!




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